Aviation Mogas Proposal

Aviation Mogas Proposal

View Updated Version (2010) Here: Mogas, Use It or Lose It



  1. Thanks for pushing this issue. I will be talking to our airport Manager and our airport pilots assoc. about this problem. If it does not get fixed we will most likely try to change our gas engines to diesel engines,

  2. I case anyone wants to know in the Olympia/Shelton area or Washington state the Gas station on the east side of 101 at the Little Creek Indian casino has ethanol free gas for $2.99 a gallon(as of 6/7/10), ask for a discount card (you should provide them a business card) and get 8 cents a gallon off. Seems the Native Americans got it right the ethanol is corroding they engines and aluminum gas tanks to they can get ethanol free gas on the reseration land even thought the state has mandated 10% ethanol in all low grade gas in the state. This fuel is 87 oct marked on the pump. I have tested it using a chemical test and the water test.

    Jeff in Olympia

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