December 21, 2016

Anyone else notice anything strange about Trump’s cabinet appointment process? There is only one secretary level cabinet appointment left: Secretary Of Agriculture. Why is SOA the last appointment? Is there some controversy within the new administration already?

Remember, Trump campaigned in the heartland, pandering to the corn state voters, promising he would not repeal the RFS.

But he has packed his cabinet with Big Oil stooges: Pruitt at EPA, Perry at DOE and Tillerson at State, all opponents of government mandated ethanol blending. Ironically, Pruitt at EPA has challenged the RFS in past legal battles with the EPA. These appointments do not bode well for the ethanol mandate. And when you consider that Trump has no qualms about lying to voters, I’m wondering if this is why the Trump team can’t find the right candidate at Agriculture. Who wants to be known as the Ag Secretary who couldn’t protect the RFS? Especially after Trump promised it wouldn’t be touched. Of course, he also promised that Medicare and Social Security were sacred, yet House Speaker Ryan is already gleefully wringing his hands to introduce the bill to privatize Medicare. As a retiree on Medicare, I doubt anything is sacred in his administration.

Considering some of his other picks, I believe they are searching for some clueless billionaire who is totally unqualified to run a cabinet level department and knows nothing about agriculture. They’ve certainly done that with a number of other departments. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, you are probably one of the Gullibles who couldn’t tell when candidate Trump was lying to you, so you voted for him. Hint: it was when his lips were moving.

For those of you who believe that Congress won’t repeal the RFS, consider this. Many in Congress don’t believe you should be forced to buy medical insurance if you don’t want it. Let the market decide, they say. So why should they believe you should be forced to buy gasoline laced with ethanol if you don’t want it. Shouldn’t the market decide?

Update 01/04/2017: Trump’s cabinet is still: Big Oil 3 – Big Ag 0

Update 02/17/2017: Anyone getting nervous out there in the Corn Belt?

Southerner, Sonny Perdue, Veterinarian, nominated for Secretary of Ag

Big Oil confirmed at Department Of Energy: Rick Perry; vowed to abolish EPA, anti RFS

Big Oil confirmed at Department Of State: Rex Tillerson

Big Oil confirmed at Environmental Protection Agency today: vowed to abolish EPA, anti RFS

Bill to terminate EPA (H.R. 861) introduced in Congress 02/03/2017.



  1. Where have you been? I’m glad to see you haven’t given up on repealing the ethanol mandate. I hadn’t considered that Trump’s cabinet picks are opposed to the mandate, so maybe he’s doing something right.

    I believe it’s up to taxpayers and gasoline users, left and right, to convince their congresspersons that this mandate is essentially a direct subsidy to Big Ag, especially Archer Daniel Midland (ADM), which I read gets as much as 42% of the money. It doesn’t help individual farmers; it depletes the land and consumes untold gallons of water, raises the price of food, ruins engines, corrodes pipelines, and as you say, deprives people of choice. Also, data is showing that the efficiency of ethanol is about 50% that of gasoline, so it doesn’t reduce our “carbon footprints” at all and may increase them.

    Also, ADM is equipped to turn those ethanol plants into distilleries. Most people don’t know that ethanol is good old fashioned grain alcohol. Would you rather drink it or pour it in your car?

    PS. I’m re-blogging this on my site. Hope you don’t mind.

    • Thanks for following. Didn’t write anything last year because nothing happened with the RFS mandate. It will not be repealed if Chuck Grassley can help it and he has total veto control, through the filibuster, in the Senate because he is a Republican. The Senate Republican leaders aren’t going to challenge him. I’m just waiting for it to implode because there won’t be anywhere to put the excess ethanol and this year it is pushing the limits. The only thing saving the producers is that the gasoline industry can push 20% of their quota forward a year, but that can’t happen forever. The fact that the mandate this year is almost 5 billion gallons less than was supposed to be produced this year, according to the table in EIAS 2007, indicates that the mandate is in serious trouble.

      • Thanks for your informative reply. I agree Chuck Grassley will try to subvert any move to repeal the mandate. However, this is an opportunity for taxpayers to show some real muscle in an area that seriously affects us all.

        I pulled out my files on ADM and the original ethanol controversy and plan to write more soon. Maybe I’ll write my senators and congressman, too.

        I don’t think people realize what a huge issue this is. It’s obvious that farmers and “the farming industry” are not the same people, but “the farming industry” has Grassley’s ear.

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