EISA 2007 = E85 Corporate Welfare, So Why Are We Getting E10?

March 7, 2009

EISA 2007 Is Explicit:  Renewable Fuel Is E85

In Section 241 of EISA 2007, the term Renewable Fuel is defined as: “The term ‘renewable fuel’ means any fuel—‘‘(A) at least 85 percent of the volume of which consists of ethanol; or” (goes on to define the bio-diesel renewable fuel). The renewable fuel described is commonly known as E85.

There is no mention of E10 in the act.  So, why are the hard production quotas in the act turning all of the gasoline in the United States into E10?  The unintended consequences of this act are causing economic havoc for the people who have engines that should not use ethanol blended gasoline.  It is even putting some people out of business.

Stop the madness.  Write your congress critters and explain to them what is happening because of EISA 2007 and ask them to repeal the ethanol mandates in the RFS section and to pass a law banning the blending of ethanol in premium unleaded gasoline and accurately label pumps that have ethanol.  This is a matter of public safety.


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