Why The Unbridled Greed?

January 23, 2009

Why Does Ethanol Have To Be In All Gasoline?

It is clear that EISA 2007 is a corporate welfare act for E85.  All of the tax incentives and brand restrictions are for E85 and Flex-Fuel vehicles.  E10 is never mentioned in the act.  So why are the ethanol companies adament that all of the gasoline in the country needs to be E10, and in fact E15+ would be better.   Maybe it is because Flex-Fuel vehicles are already dinosaurs?  So if you can’t sell E85, just screw the rest of the economy by causing huge unintended consequences with a fuel that cars weren’t designed for and that will damage other equipment that people own.

It is widely known that ethanol blended gasoline should not be used in the marine environment.  The number of articles written about the problem is huge, just google it!  And now the lawsuits are starting to fly.  It started with a class action lawsuit in California.   Now there is a lawsuit in Florida, and the Florida mandatory E10 law has an exemption for marine use.  How does this happen?  I’ll bet Washington state will be next.

Ethanol blended gasoline should not be used in a number of other applications.  All seven of the states that have actually passed mandatory ethanol laws have made exemptions for these applications, like aircraft, antique and classic cars, small engines, watercraft, etc.

So why isn’t the ethanol industry making sure that ethanol is only used in cars that are designed for it?  Why aren’t the oil companies protecting their customers?  They are the ones blending the ethanol and getting sued.  They have known about the problems for years.  You would think that since most of the sheeple in this country don’t know that ethanol is being put in all of their gasoline, that these big companies would be trying to avoid the negative publicity that property damage and lawsuits bring when it is so easy to avoid.  Just don’t put ethanol in premium unleaded gasoline so there is a source for the people who can’t use ethanol blended gasoline.  Two states that passed mandatory ethanol laws actually did just that, Missouri and Montana.  But what is ironic is that the Montana law has never triggered, and probably won’t, and ethanol is now appearing in all of their gas because of the unintended consequences of the federal RFS mandate, so now they get to enjoy all of the ensuing problems.  Missouri was the other state, but their mandatory E10 law had an escape clause that triggered when ethanol got more expensive than gasoline, so ethanol blending has decreased markedly in the state … for now, but just like Ahnold in The Terminator, it will be back.


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